Current barriers to youth STI testing are very high.

The challenge captured in one infographic.

Health experts brought lectures (and games!) to teach us about the current public-health challenge of STIs.

By getting STI tested ourselves, we gained a empathy for those in the process.

Youth taught us about their perceptions of barriers to testing...

... and shared their targeted personas, too.

When we ran out of wall space to organize our observations into insights, we started using the chairs.

Midway through the process, we shared back our research and insights to the Health Department...

... and they gave us their feedback, questions, and reactions on each of our insights.

We took their feedback on our insights and started asking, "How Might We...?" Then met again with the Health Department to brainstorm ways to use design to answer "How Might We...?".

Molly, Maria, and Rachel grouped the themes of the ideas as fast as our participants could brainstorm them.

We repeated the brainstorm exercise with the youth (a lot more SpongeBob ideas came out of this one).

After the Health Department and the Youth voted on the brainstorm ideas, we roughly prototyped the highest vote-getters...

... which included a walk-up Express Testing window...

... and arcades in the STI testing clinic waiting area.

Our audience loved the Express Testing idea, so we refined this prototype (and a few other ideas) into a higher-fidelity mockup.

This phase of the project concluded with a final shareback to the Health Department.