We came to the Details house to listen to their stories...

... and hear about their experiences.

We described each observation from each interviewee on individual half-sheets. Nearly one hundred were generated.

George mentors us as we group our observations into themes. These themes became insights, which we then addressed with "How Might We...?"

Smile shares her journey from observation to "How Might We...?"

We each respond by brainstorming answers to her question.

Hundreds of brainstorm responses -- from practical to outlandish --emerged from our exercise.

We saw patterns emerging, so we grouped the ideas into three main topics:

"The Person." These ideas worked to further the crews' careers and emotional well-being.

"The Team." These ideas were focused on community building within the Details crew.

And lastly, "The Space," which alchemized solutions from the two previous topics into a architectural proposal.

We prototyped like mad over the weekend...

As we presented the work back to Details, we tied all our decisions back to the original observations made during the interviews.

Our client responded enthusiastically to the prototyped architectural model.

The community-building solutions are featured prominently in the model.

The floor plan includes flexible space for the myriad of brainstormed functions, especially those to further the careers and emotional well-being of the crew. Louder public spaces were grouped together near the front of the building, while private areas are tucked further away.