The next phase of my Thesis was a map-turned-card-game.

These characters represent different facets of my personality, who each react to Events differently.

Some Events, called "Eyeball," are the experiences I see or read.

Other Events which shape me are Experiences or actions.

Lastly, Truths shape me as well, in the form of core tenets, values, and closely-held beliefs.

The Eyeball, Experience, and Truth cards earn players points, which ultimately are used to purchase Outcome cards, which represent my goals.

Certain Event cards are worth more points if a specific other card(s) are also in hand -- these are the Events which are related to each other in my life.

After I made the game, I took a look at the cards I assigned the most points. They are the Events and Outcomes I realized are the most resonant and important to me. I should hold them close as I continue with my thesis.